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Work from Home Tips!

Working from home getting old? We have some tips to help you! So many of us have transitioned to this lifestyle due to COVID-19. While working from home is not for everyone, it is a lifestyle that our family loves! When we moved to Nashville 3 years ago, my husband was offered the opportunity to stay with his company and work remote. Most days, we love it! We won’t lie...there are hard days too. Here are 10 things you can do to make this lifestyle run smoothly.

1. Define your work space.

2. Keep the lines of communication open with your family regarding your schedule.

3. Grace over perfection. This is an adjustment! You will learn what works for your family.

4. Choose a respectful attitude towards your spouse and their job.

5. Be intentional with time-blocking. Protect blocks of time during your week for self-care, family time, and time as a couple.

6. Divide and conquer housework. Redefine and re-assign household responsibilities.

7. Pray for (and with) your spouse.

8. Focus on the positive.

9. Enjoy the little moments with your family.

10. Set and respect boundaries in your household. Everyone, even kids, can adjust to these changes.

Maybe you will discover you love the benefits of working from home. Maybe for you and your family, the costs of working from home outweigh the benefits. Regardless, if you are currently having to work from home temporarily or will work from home long-term, these tips will help you and your household function more productively!

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