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Healthy Hearts & Homes

I believe it takes a healthy heart to pour into a healthy marriage, which overflows into healthy parenting. “There’s no place like home.” My hope is that my husband and my children feel just like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. We can all identify with a moment in time where we wanted nothing more than to click our ruby red shoes together so we could be back home. We love home because it is our own little corner of the world that is familiar, safe, warm and relaxing. We love home because home is where our loved ones are. Home is our safe place, our place of security. At least, that is how it is supposed to be.


We all want to feel at home in our physical houses, our physical bodies, and we even want to feel at home in our relationships. But the truth is, many things stand in the way of this. Perhaps it is childhood trauma. Maybe a divorce. A deep loss. Overwhelming chaos. Our culture’s social media addiction. An over-booked planner. Whatever it is, there is hope and there is healing. And you have the opportunity to make a generational shift in your family if it is needed.


So kick off your shoes, grab a warm blanket and let me {virtually} pour you a cup of hot tea or coffee. Stay awhile so we can get to know one another. Let’s be friends and cheer one another on as we learn how to cultivate healthy hearts and homes. Let’s work together to build homes on a foundation of healthy relationships that promote emotional safety. In our hearts and homes, let’s reflect our God-given personalities and giftings, while opening up our doors for life-giving community. Let’s work together to make home our favorite place to be with the ones we love. After all, there’s no place like home.

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