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Identity Theft

Identity Theft.

It’s even more common than you think.

As a therapist I have the privilege and the honor of being entrusted with people’s stories and struggles. After years of being in this field, I have found that most of people’s struggles can be traced back to the root of identity. Whether a client is coming in for anxiety or infidelity, or whatever it may be, at the root of the struggle is identity. Where we find our identity, determines so much. Our source of identity filters how we see the world.

If I place my identity and worth in my appearance, then my pregnant and postpartum body is going to take me on a rollercoaster of emotions and ever-changing value. If I place my identity in being the best at my job, I will sacrifice my personal health and relational health to be “the best”. If I place my identity and worth in relationships, I will too much pressure on my relationships until they implode. If I place my identity on my social status, I will run myself and my family into the ground trying to be at every social function. If I place my identity in my popularity, I’ll relationship hop and jeopardize relationships that could last a lifetime due to chasing the next “popular” crowd. If I place my identity in being loved, praised, and desirable, I run the risk of making decisions that could have a detrimental outcome for my marriage when it hits a rough patch. If I place my identity in materialistic items, I’ll end up in debt trying to keep up with the Joneses. And so on and so forth....

The issue of placing identity in appearance, the number on the scale, relationships, the income you bring in, your popularity, the car you drive and the house you live in, etc….is that these things are ever-changing. They never stay the same. They don’t last. They won’t fill that heart void. They will leave you empty. They will leave you constantly chasing more. They will fill your head and heart with chaotic thoughts. These things will never be enough and therefore you will never be enough.

But God. He IS enough. His word tells us that we are his sons and daughters (2 Cor. 6:18). When we place our identity in God and what He says is true about us our identity is secure. We are secure. We know that despite the changing circumstances one thing remains true. We are His. We are loved, cherished, protected, and nothing can separate us from His love. When our identity is secured, we can cease striving and straining. We can rest, truly rest, and we can be at peace. We can quit proving our worth to the world, and rest in His redeeming love.

Live loved. Because you are. Unconditionally.

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