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Marking March,Part One: March 3rd

March. It's a great month. After a long and overcast winter, hints of Spring start to break on through. More sunshine, hints of warmer days, budding trees, the promise of Spring Breaks. I've always loved March. I've always loved it because it is the gateway to Spring and it is also my birthday month. A month where I have always slowed down to savor the amazing people I have been blessed with in my life. My birthday is a HUGE deal to me. But not in a selfish way. It's a big deal because I know had I not been adopted, life would look very different. I'm so grateful for the life that was chosen for me. So for me, March is about celebrating those I love, that I am so grateful to know and love.

Then March 3rd, 2016, happened. In the picture you can see our family together before my dad had his biopsy to confirm what type of cancer we were facing. Our world was turned upside-down and inside-out with my dad's devastating second cancer diagnosis of Primary CNS Lymphoma. It was a hell-ish month. But now, three years later, I see how God used this trial. March is now full of days that marked us. March 3rd, 2016, was a significant day for our family. And here is a little bit about why that is...

Some days mark you forever-for better or for worse. March 3rd, 2016 marked our family. It was the day my dad was diagnosed with primary CNS lymphoma (in brain and spinal fluid). On Sunday at church, it seemed like the songs in service were hand-picked to mark this day.

During one of the songs, I had the privilege of holding my husband’s hand and holding my dad’s hand (we were crying) as we praised God for being our Rock and Redeemer and our source of strength. What a sweet memory. We praise Jesus for WHO He is, not only what He has done. I don’t know why we sometimes see healing on earth and in other situations we don’t. I don’t understand. I wrestle with it. But I was reminded that we praise God for WHO He is, regardless of outcomes. Oh, that is so so hard. I so badly want my prayers answered my way. But I want to trust that no matter what He is faithful.

Sunday was such a gift. Every day since March 3rd, 2016 has been. And every day before that date was a gift. Every day is a gift. I don’t EVER EVER want to forget to cherish each and every day-even the ones that are not my favorites. Because each one is it’s own kind of gift. Lyrics at church on Sunday included...

“You hold my every moment, You calm my raging seas. You walk with me through fire, and heal all my disease. I believe You’re my Healer, I believe Jesus you’re all I need”

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace”

“Take the whole world, but give me Jesus”

Oh Jesus. This world is SO dim. But You walk with us through fire. You’ll never leave us. Thank You. You have given us so much more than we deserve. May we live in the light of Your glory and Your grace.

P.S.- Thank you to ALL our family and friends that cocooned us 3 years ago. You are not forgotten. We love you.

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